Monday, October 17, 2005


Dear People Who Read This Site, “George”, Girl, That Euro, Special C, Dr. Chris, The (Other) O.C., (Get Back) JoJo, and Potential Investors,

Sometimes it seems that every step forward I have with this company is illusory. Something good happens, and then something unexpected and disappointing happens. The thing is that everyone who has seen this product loves it. Yet, getting into a store has been harder than I thought it would be. And harder than I feel it should be. Of course, failure is not an option. And, as far as I'm concerned, this is not going to be an experience I use as training for something else. This needs to happen. I just have to figure out how.

It hardly seems fair sometimes. I mean, people get famous, book deals, and on Oprah (or Martha, or at least some manner of press) for internet panhandling, cooking every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or making fun of poorly dressed celebrities, all of which I love and whose creators I applaud, but it is frustrating that, in this climate, I can't catch a break anywhere, even though I have a tangible product that rocks. And I'm not looking for fame -- just a store that will sell Embittermints at a reasonable price. Just someone besides me who really believes and will give the product a chance. And you know, these difficulties are not for lack of effort, either. I have sent a gazillion press mailings, with not so much successs, and the same with retail outlets. It'll get better, right? At least my project doesn't force anyone to eat sweetbreads.

Naturally, if you're a buyer or Oprah and want to feature Embittermints, please contact me asap.


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