Friday, April 13, 2007

I Didn't Mean to Go AWOL

Dear People Who Read This Site, “George”, Girl, That Euro, Special C, Dr. Chris, The (Other) O.C., (Get Back) JoJo, Beloved Retailers, Almost as Beloved Press and Especially Beloved Potential Investors,

How did the time get away from me? First, I'm thinking that I'd wait for the holiday rush to end, and then it's practically tax day. Yowsah. You'll be glad to know that the Embittermints tax return was filed early, with the Beloved Investors getting their paperwork in a timely manner. This Mogul will not be at the Post Office on April 16.

In any event, I have spent a fair amount of time away from the Mint Headquarters, achieving some items on the list (still 57 to go, but partial progress on about a dozen), and getting to see beautiful places like the one pictured above. I could do whole posts with nothing but pictures, but then how would we stay up to date on important things like the insufferability of Gwyneth or the TVs?

Speaking of TVs, sadly, The O.C. finally bit the dust. Honestly, though, it was time. The brief resurgence of Tiny Cagefighting Chino was outweighed by the unnecessary appearance of the Wifebeater (not Chino's outfit, but his long-lost-but-suddenly-eligible-father). I'll miss the Sandman, but it was time for them to go. And, there is a chance that SevHev may also be bowing out. It's about time -- there are probably no Camdens living in the house, so without the potential for incest storylines, the show couldn't have stayed true to its roots. Gross. The best show on television by far is Friday Night Lights -- downtrodden but earnest youths, music by Explosions in the Sky and Kyle Chandler's hair -- what's not to like?

Other than that, I am happy to say that I have been out there getting more word out on the mints, more feedback, and hopefully more retailers. It is on.