Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing With The Bergeron

Dear People Who Read This Site, “George”, Girl, That Euro, Special C, Dr. Chris, Medicine Woman, The (Other) O.C., (Get Back) JoJo, Beloved Retailers, Almost as Beloved Press, and Especially Beloved Potential Investors,

It's been a busy time here at the Mint HQ. Taxes are done, paperwork out to my Beloved Investors, and a plan has been formulated for business expansion. I am looking forward to putting it all into action.

But, first things first. After a spell of writers-strike-then-work-overload-then-illness, I have finally gotten a chance to catch up on the important events of our day. This has to be the most exciting election since the California Gubernatorial Race, and I say Go-bama!

Also, our thoughts go out to the Swayze -- he has been a beacon of hope and inspiration (and good natured ribbing) from the start, and we wish him all the best.

But, in the midst of all of the turmoil out there, what with the teetering of Friday Night Lights, the resurgence of Hillary, and the unfair early elimination of Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas on Season 5, we have The Bergeron, Tom Bergeron known to many only as the host of Dancing With the Stars, who is such a pillar of strength on DWTS that he should be deployed to quell turmoil elsewhere. Who else can navigate the treacherous waters of bad judging (Sabrina/Mark), busted music (remember the band's version of Kriss Kross' Jump?),and Marie Osmond's fainting the way the Bergeron does? I say no one. He's the one to watch, even if he skimps on the spray tan and sparkles! After all, unless the challenge is dancing on the beach, I'd trust him more than Bruno (look closely at the background dancers in that link).

Ok, enough chatting. Go out and buy mints. Now!