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From NY Magazine:

Embittermints is featured in the approval matrix for the week of June 9!

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From Harvard Law Record:

"When Anusha Rasalingam graduated from Harvard Law School in 1999, she headed off to New York City to pursue her dream of being an attorney. Fast forward three years to 2002. Rasalingam is having a bad day, and it is just one of many. Experience has taught her that it's career-defeating to say "bite me" or "you suck" or "buzz off" to the people ruining her day...."

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From Candy Addict:

"Goodness knows there are a lot of mint tins vying for people’s attention already,
and Embittermints is unique enough to push past the rest. Get them for your
favorite obnoxious individual, but I would first make sure that their sense of humor
is still intact… or that you’re three states away when they open the tin."

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From Buffalo Rising:

"So the next time you want to call that annoying door-to-door solicitor “idiot”
or let your enemy know you think they're a “wench,” give them a mint! "

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