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Bad Day at the Office Inspires Edgy Breath Mint Concept

It was 2002, a good year. But an attorney was having a bad day at the office and needed a breath mint, though her peers said an attitude adjustment might be more in order. And though she got neither a mint nor her mind altered that day, the Embittermints concept was born.  Even though the lawyer couldn’t say “bite me” or “you suck” or “buzz off” or “yo mama” or “wench” or “idiot” to the people who were ruining her day, she soon figured out a way for anyone to say those things, and still keep their job.

And the result of that bad day is a new, edgy breath mint with attitude to spare.  Embittermints are premium, sugar free mints, each with one of six mean sayings engraved on both sides and enclosed in a pocket-sized, sleek black tin.  So now, anyone can say “bite me” or “you suck” or “buzz off” or “yo mama” or “wench” or “idiot,” while enjoying a tasty, sugar free mint that won’t break the bank or the waistline.

Everyone remembers the candy hearts that say I love you, which have been a part of Valentine’s Day for as long as anyone can remember.  Embittermints are perfect for every other day of the year.  They’re the perfect gift for sworn enemies, annoying door-to-door solicitors, and anyone who rubs you the wrong way.  You can give them to the one you love, or at least the one you used to.

Embittermints is the brainstorm of Anusha Rasalingam, aka the Mint Mogul. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and when not inventing gift and confectionary items, works as a practicing Manhattan attorney, although she has, not surprisingly, changed jobs, since the day when Embittermints were born.  

Embittermints marks a new chapter for breath mints.  Now, not only will your breath be fresh, but you can be fresh too.

Embittermints. So mean. So minty. Spread the spite.